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Project Mission

The goal of this project is to emphasize the universality of lullabies. I want to emphasise our shared humanity. People of every  culture, every race, and color, throughout history have sung, and do sing young children to sleep.

My hope is that this simple collection of songs, drawn from the varying cultures of Jerusalem will promote understanding, tolerance and respect amongst its diverse inhabitants.


Rather than hearing the beat of the battle drum to war, my prayer is that our babies and children will only hear the sweet sound of lullabies as they drift off to sleep, and will grow in a land of peace and harmony, free from the terrors of war and violence.

Most of all I want my work to help educate future generations,  in the importance of tolerance and peacemaking. It is my fervent hope that these lullabies will engender good will and respect towards “the other” and lead to peace and understanding.
​It is my mission to compile and produce a series of albums, collaborating with singers and musicians from the represented peoples to record and preserve this intangible cultural heritage.


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